Esa Firman

Software Engineer

Hello there 👋

I'm Esa Firman, a software engineer since 2012. I mostly work on mobile app development, especially on Android-related stuff. In the past 5 years, my focus and interest have been on how to make the developer experience better, from the tooling, the process, and the architecture. Despite my focus, I always love to deep dive and do research on things that I feel like magic.

Few interesting things about me

  • I joke a lot, but since my wife told me that my joke is kinda hurtful, I try to not joke about work-related stuff.
  • I prefer to write code than a blog post. But I like to write documentation or a confluence page for someone else to give a thumbs-up reaction without actually reading it.
  • I prefer working asynchronously because it leads to more thoughtful contributions. The best way to involve me in a task is through shared documents and RFCs. I think synchronous meetings should be used for finalization, approvals, and casual discussions only.
  • In my spare time, I like to play single-player games (currently on my Steam deck), play and practice guitar, and you know, write codes.
  • My phone is always on DND and I turn DND on my laptop during my focus time too.
  • I'm currently trying to get more organized. I'm using Notion with the GTD framework to capture everything that comes to my attention.

Contact Me

You can contact me at:

  • Telegram: @esafirm
  • Or any social handle with username esafirm