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Personal Life Log: 2022


Hi! It's been a long time since the last time I write a blog post.

I'm not quite sure why, but this particular time I want to write some life update. Mainly this is just for me to reflect back in maybe a couple years in the future. Because guess what? I did read again my blog posts!

So, 2022, I got a new job, it's still focusing on mobile app development, Android app to be more precise. The difference is now I belong to a team that more focused on the build system and automation (CI). There's nothing new really, I did a position just like that in my previous company in 2020, although at that time I become a branch node in my org (means I manage some people). This time around, I'm happy to be a leaf node.

The reason why I'm interested in the build team or engineering productivity team again is that, mainily because I still don't have, you can say a breakthrough yet on this thing. The last timee I'm on build team, 75% of our time is pioneering a new workflow for our mobile apps team. It means there's no CI yet when we start. It's a great opportunity indeed but somehow I feel that we add an extra time to the overall process not cutting it. This is also caused because at the time, we don't have a metric to measure developers productivity yet.

On the other note, I'm very happy for the works that I did for the couple years back. I explored a lot of interesting stuff, measure a lot of builds, and standardize a couple of things. Surely, I also can do all that things in my current position.

I'm also glad for the public projects (you can say OSS) that I did for the past two years, it surely a niche project and not great in popularity, but It brings me a lot of joy and satisfy my curiosity.

Until next time.

Cao ~ 👋