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Domain Name Resolution with /etc/hosts


I think we already know that the domain that we use to access some website is just a masking to IP(s). All that fancy name like this blog will be translated to IP by the DNS. But how we can override it?

The Hosts File

As a matter of fact, i already using the hosts file from years ago without knowing it. If you ever accessing your own machine with localhost that means you already use it.

In MacOS and Unix like system the hosts file is located in /etc/hosts. For other OS you can find it here.

So now we know what is the hosts file and the function of it, how we can use it for our benefits?

Local Network Environment

Remembering IP is hard (it's relative) use some human readable text to resolve it!

Opening Blocked Web

Recently, Telegram is blocked by Indonesian government. You can use the hosts file to override Telegram domain resolution

# in /etc/hosts\\\\\\\\

Breaking Bad Habit

Have a social media addiction? Or maybe you just want to stay out from it. Simple add and direct it to

There's more you can do with it, you can find it here if you want. That is all for now. Cao ~