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Running Kotlin Code in VSCode


Suppose you want to test some Kotlin code, but it is too simple for you so you don't want to create a project in your IDE and it also too complex to put it in your REPL

For me, the solution would be:

  1. code ~/Desktop/test.kt
  2. Write some Kotlin function
  3. Run it with Code Runner

That's it, simple 3 steps to get your hands wet in Kotlin code. The only limitation with Code Runner in Kotlin is you have to call your function from main function and you have to install the command line compiler first.


fun main(args: Array<String>){

Because what Code Runner does is just:

cd \"/Users/esa/Desktop/\" && kotlinc test.kt -include-runtime -d test.jar && java -jar test.jar

Still a lot faster than if you have to do it yourself, aight? Cao ~ \ud83d\udc4b